New Blog Design 🖌

Date: 23.12.2020

In an attempt to refresh the look and feel of my website I have updated the design to look less 90s style and more modern. The new website is fully responsive and makes it also easier to add new projects and blog entries. The page was built using Jekyll a static page generator that is supported to deploy static pages on Github via Github Pages.

For the design, I followed the Responsive Website video tutorial by Travery Media: link to the video tutorial.

I am quite pleased with the way how the page turned out looking. Before I was unpahhpy with the color composition and felt that the lines and borders around elements were too big.

By adding more whitespace between the elements I was able to reduce the heavyness of the page. Additionally I restructures the project and working positions by separating them to their own pages. This helps to have a clear one page overview about all my work related experience similar to a CV.

Happy holidays everyone 🎄