About me

Hagen Schupp

Software Development Engineer II @ Amazon

Machine Learning Enthusiast

Snowboarder - Climber - Cyclist

Current Project:

Managing data access using ERC20 tokens

Technologies: Solidity, Typescript/React, Golang

Building a system to manage access to a database with records and enabling data providers to benefit from data purchases.

Traffic Sign Detection based on an RCNN

Technologies: Python, PyTorch

Implementing an RCNN to detect traffic signs in images. In a previous project I have used an off-the-shelf library to detect faces in images, this time I wanted to build the dectection engine on my own.

Ethereum Smart Contract: A Blockchain powered Casino

Technologies: Typescript, ReactJS, Solidity, Truffle.js

As Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains are a hot topic at the moment, I decided to take a look into how dApps on the Ethereum Blockchain work and how to implement an ERC20 token (the standard for cryptotokens such as DAI, USDC or COMP). In addition to the token, I wrote a Smart Contract that allows interacting with the token based on fixed rules, similar to how DeFi apps such as UNISWAP or COMPOUND operate.

Face detection and recognition system

Technologies: Python, Keras, Typescript

System that received images from a security feed (= webcam). It extracts and recognizes faces in the images and displays the data to the user revealing known and unknown faces.

Readlist application

Technologies: Typescript, Golang, Python, Docker, MongoDB

Webapplication to store links to read in a common place. Working with Typescript, Python/Flask and Mongo DB. Using Facebook as service to authenticate users.

Rewrote the backend using Golang. Goal was to learn the language and improve the performance of the backend: new backend is faster (latency: ~86ms), lower storage footprint (Python Docker image: 960MB, Golang Docker image with a staged build: 19MB).

Cycling Simulator

Technologies: Typescript

Zwift-like, webbased simulator for indoor cycling. Reads BLE sensor data, coverts it into the power the cyclist exerts and applies this to the track the user is simulating based on a GPX file.

Flappy Birds AI

Technologies: Javascript, Genetic Algorithms

Develop an AI to steer an agent through the Flappy Bird game. Using an Evolutionary Algorithm to find the best set of weights of a Feedforward-Neural Network to improve the performance of the agents over time.

Sensor Monitoring

Technologies: ReactJS, Python, Docker

Webapplication to manage and view sensors. Sensor values are published to a Mongo DB backed service, the frontend dispays the sensor data. Access control using JWT.

Implementation of a basic Operating System

Technologies: C, Assember

Implementation of basic functionality of an operating system: task scheduling, memory allocation, handling keyboard inputs (interupts), bootloader to start the OS.

Predicting results of football games in the German Bundesliga

Technologies: Python, MXNet

Building a Neural Network based classifier that predicts the outcome of a match in the Bundesliga.